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Monday, April 26, 2004

Kill-'Em-Young Rally Embraces Kerry
Throws Down Gauntlet to Church 

Posted by Earl at 12:09 PM

Writing in today's New York Times about Sunday's anti-life March for Women's Lies, Robin Toner reports, "The day had a decidedly partisan edge, with many in the crowd carrying signs for Sen. John Kerry, D-MA, the presumed Democratic presidential nominee."

Signs whose ink, no doubt, was drying while the CINO Senator chatted behind closed doors with Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

"The event was billed as nonpolitical, but the anti-Bush sentiment was palpable," reported the Los Angeles Times.
Speakers at the rally on the Mall criticized Attorney General John Ashcroft for seeking medical records of women in defending a law Bush signed last year banning a medical procedure that opponents call "partial-birth abortion." Other speakers expressed concern about the long-term prospects for the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade if Bush were re-elected and vacancies on the high court occurred....Speakers from a number of foreign countries shared first-hand accounts of the effect of Bush administration policies limiting funding for international clinics that provide abortion counseling.
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) addressed the prenatal lynch mob, boasting that the last time the pro-abortion lobby rallied in Washington, the nation elected her husband, Bill Clinton, to the presidency just six months later.
We didn't have to march for 12 long years because we had a government that respected the rights of women. The only way we're going to be able to avoid having to march again and again and again is to elect John Kerry president.
Toner continues:
Several members of [Kerry's] family were among the marchers, as was Howard Dean, who had also sought the Democratic nomination; Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco and Democratic leader of the House; and Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic Party Chairman.
Dean, one of several anti-life also-rans for the Abortion Party's presidential nod—for which no "pro-life" Democrat contended—has, of course, endorsed Kerry, as has Pelosi, who scored a hefty 64% on the Dem's "seamless-garment" scorecard for her faithfulness to political positions embraced by the AmChurch bureaucracy.

It was Chief Party Hack McAuliffe, who recently dismissed prospects for a favorable response by the episcopal task force headed by Cardinal McCarrick to mounting pleas to protect the Eucharist from sacrilegious reception by such public defenders of child slaughter as Sen. Kerry. "I doubt it will come to that," McAuliffe, yet another pro-abort CINO, predicted confidently. "I think it would be a huge mistake for the Catholic Church."

Indeed, as Toner points out:
The religious and political faultlines on the abortion issue were apparent [at the march]. Several speakers took note of the debate within the Roman Catholic hierarchy over how to respond to Catholic elected officials who support abortion rights [sic], including Kerry. Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, took the stage and declared, "I am a mother of five, a grandmother of five and a devout Roman Catholic," as well as a supporter of "abortion rights."
Once again, Judas' amen corner has thrown down the gauntlet, proclaiming before the marchers and the world their brazen lie that "devout Roman Catholics" can also worship Moloch, that faithful communicants can aid and abet the murder of defenseless babies in the free-fire zone of their mothers wombs, no longer a sanctuary.

As the impious cries of CINO apologists for the abortion holocaust grow louder and louder, will the ears of our bishops grow deafer and deafer? Will their hearts grow harder and harder?

On the answer to this question rests not only the fate of the unborn but of the Church's credible witness to the sanctity of life.

[For extensive coverage of the march, including first-hand reports and extensive links, visit After Abortion.]

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