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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Further Thoughts: The Rainbow Sash Coalition 

Posted by Earl at 11:31 AM

From the pages of Times Against Humanity . . .

As previously reported on this blog, in response to the direct challenge to the teaching of Holy Mother Church and the commandments of God Himself by dissident deviates under the banner of the rainbow sash, Chicago's Cardinal Francis George recently reminded one and all:

The Rainbow Sash movement wants its members to be fully accepted in the Church not on the same conditions as any Catholic, but precisely as gay. With this comes the requirement that the Church change her moral teaching which is from the Lord and his Apostles. The policy of the U.S. Council of Bishops is not to give Communion to those wearing the sash.

The Cardinal's directive indicated that his decision to bar wearers of the rainbow sash from profaning the Body and Blood of Christ was based on the national policy of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (UCCB) "to refuse Communion to anyone who uses its reception as an occasion to protest against the Church's teaching."

Not so, rebuts David Early, a UCCCB spokesman, who advises Catholic News Service that "the Conference has not enunciated such a policy."

Not surprisingly—or coincidentally in Times' considered judgment—the UCCCB slam gave added ammunition to the Rainbow Sash Movement's campaign of vilification against Cardinal George, with U.S. Convener Joe Murray charging his Emminence with issuing "a misleading statement to absolve [him] from his personal responsibility for denying Rainbow Sash Members Communion at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago on Pentecost Sunday."

One sign of the crisis—the real crisis, that is—facing the Church is how those derided by episcopal apparatchiks as cynics and "bishop bashers" remain naively optimisitic about the smallest sign of hope from that quarter, as in the case at hand. A clear trumpet blast of orthodox note from the AmChurch bureaucracy? We should, of course, have known it was too good to be true.

Once again it falls on the faithful in the pews to stand in the gaping gap left by all too many SINOs (Shepherds In Name Only). An example of such faith in action was courageously provided by the Ushers of the Eucharist in the diocese of St. Paul, MN, whose Archbishop Harry Flynn, was praised by Murray for having adopted Cardinal Roger Mahoney's open-door, or rather, open-tabernacle policy to the gay Brownshirts.

As Fr. Wilson reports for Catholic World News, the Ushers "knelt in the aisle of St Paul's Cathedral in Archbishop Harry Flynn's Archdiocese to prevent the Rainbow Sash-ayers from approaching for Communion."

No doubt the AmChurch's Amen Corner will find fault with these defenders of the faith, as is their wont. Blind to the glaring failures of the UCCCB, they specialize in detecting the slightest imperfections of those who would be the first to admit that they are unworthy of the task at hand. Silent, if not supportive, in the case of the former, they spare no decibels in denouncing the latter.

For our part, we commend and stand with the faithful remnant in St. Paul and elsewhere. As the Ushers of the Eucharist remind us by their deeds, as well as words:

Across America our bishops are being cast as helpless eunuchs unable to protect the Eucharist in the face of the crushing secular power of the feminist and homosexual movements. This is a blatant power play by these wealthy, politically powerful and media connected secular movements to seize the Eucharist from the hands of our priests.

We must not and will not allow this sacrilege to occur!

Read and reflect on the full statement of the Ushers of the Eucharist, as provided by Fr. Wilson. For an earlier example of a bishop defending the Eucharist, see this account from Down Under.

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